8 Years of Abandon Silence, 8 Questions from 3btickets

Liverpool’s own Abandon Silence turns eight this year. Their party venues have included; Shipping Forecast, Kazimier and more recently, Invisible Wind Factory’s Substation. Abandon Silence have had several chapters to their story. Though, with each chapter they have stayed true to their ethos, “friendly faces and underground music, in a comfortable space”.

As a celebration of eight years of Abandon Silence, we’ll be giving away 2 tickets to Sulta Selects at the Invisible Wind Factory on Friday 13th April. So, check out our social media pages for further details of this giveaway.

Abandon Silence has a rich history with underground talent, as well as Dance music icons. It would be fair to say, that they’ve helped build the path for some of today’s biggest names. Throwing intimate parties with Four Tet and James Blake back in their early days, to larger spaces with their ‘Beginnings’ events, back in 2016. Their Founder Andrew Hill, has developed a night and a booking policy, that is adaptable and can take form in some of the City’s vaster venues, as well as smaller spaces.

We caught up with Andrew, to talk about his views on Liverpool nightlife and how he got started. Including, Abandon Silence Records and some of his favourite moments from the last eight years.


1). So, there has been eight years of Abandon Silence parties. What led you to think there was an opportunity for something new in Liverpool, when you first started?

Liverpool was a very different beast eight years ago. House was seen as a dirty word and Circus and Mumu were the only nights really pushing it. I had been writing the Abandon Silence blog (RIP) for around a year, and after a chat with Rich Furness, now one of my best mates and Abandon Silence resident, realised that none of the acts I was writing about were being pushed in Liverpool. Acts such as James blake, Mount Kimbie, Sbtrkt, Koreless. Thus, the genesis of the idea was formed.

I think it’s key to have your own idea and something new to bring to the scene if you’re going to start a party. There will always be ten-a-penny nights popping up all the time, but the ones that stick around have something unique about them. Meine Nacht is one that springs to mind from the last few years with their music and production policies.

2). We’re pretty excited about the new Abandon Silence Records coming soon, can you divulge some of your plans and ideas for this?

Well, yeah, Abandon Silence Records has become the bane of my life. We have been sitting on the first release, and now the second release, for nearly 8/9 months. DJs like Jackmaster, Black Madonna, Mele, Disclosure, all sorts have been playing it, but we are being held up by pressing plants.

I have been assured that the first release – a set of club disco house tools from local producer Lucas Welle – will be ready to go in the next month or two. There’s a Mele remix coming too that has been played by a lot of people now and gets the best reaction, but Dr Harvey’s Sunrise Mix is the one for me, perfect after party fodder! Hopefully more on that in the next week or two.

3). The clubbing climate in Liverpool at the minute is very busy, with new nights starting up almost bimonthly. Do you think this is a healthy way for the City’s nightlife to move forward?

Ever since we started this has been the way. Liverpool is a student city and a very transient one, so there is always going to be sets of 18/19/20 year olds who think that the idea of playing Disco/House in a warehouse is something new. No hate to those that think that it is, as they’re sometimes the best parties, but this cycle will go on forever as long as the crowds only stay here for 3/4 years before going back home or moving on.

Competition keeps everyone pushing forward, if Abandon Silence had been the only new party in the last 8 years, I doubt we’d still be here now. It also keeps me thinking of what to do next and what new idea is going to keep us ahead of the game. I’m all for it and, being honest, the nights that aren’t worth their salt don’t usually last past Christmas, after launching 3 months earlier at Freshers. You can always tell the difference between the good and hardworking promoters, to the ones that don’t put the effort in.

4). Abandon Silence has held some pretty memorable nights in Liverpool, over the last eight years. Some of our favourites have got to be Four Tet in the Shipping Forecast and Jeremy Underground & Hunee at the Kazimier.  Can you give us your favourite five moments, from the last eight years?

1). Jeremy Underground b2b Hunee at The Kazimier [27.11.15].  The last show at The Kazimier and the only show I’ve ever cried at. It was just perfect. All my best friends were dancing on stage for the finale, my two favourite DJs, I don’t think we’ll top that. Find the video on our page and you can see the tears.

2). Four Tet’s first night at The Shipping Forecast [26.04.12]. That was the show that helped Abandon Silence break through. Kieran emailed me directly after Blawan telling him about our night, he asked if he could come and play our tiny party in the basement. One of a few shows we’ve done that can properly be called ‘legendary’.

3). Beginnings One at Camp and Furnace [05.02.16]. Probably my best performance when it comes to bookings. Hunee b2b Joy Orbison for the first time ever, supported by Jon Rust.  With Denis Sulta and Holly Lester in the Blade Factory. This party also featured the Beginnings cube production, which remains my favourite feature of any Abandon Silence party – and we’ve tried fucking loads.  **Hunee b2b Joy Orbison still remains an Abandon Silence exclusive**

4). MCDE & Jeremy Underground boat party at Dimensions [29.08.15]. People that know me would say that it very rarely looks like I’m actually enjoying myself at our parties, but this one I was smiling from ear to ear, start to finish, my cheeks were hurting by the end of it. Two of the very best selectors at sunset out in the Adriatic sea surrounded by all my friends, it doesn’t get much better really.

5). James Blake at The Shipping Forecast [23.09.10]. I still think James is God, and this all night long set was possibly the most diverse and best set Ive seen him play. The finale with Purple Rain, all 9 minutes of it, is something I’ll never forget

5). You’re working at Fabric now, what has it been like to join the team behind one of the world’s most successful and celebrated clubs?

It’s been pretty surreal. The best metaphor would be to say it’s been like hopping on a speeding train. I didn’t get more than 48 hours to settle in my new surroundings before I was tasked with booking a six month calendar from scratch.

Most of the teething problems were just getting used to London life, but now it’s been around 6 months and I feel really at home now. I’m able to bounce between Liverpool and London whenever I like to see family, friends, and of course our Abandon Silence parties.

6). How has starting the Baltic Weekender been? With an very impressive inaugural line up and a tasty first wave teased for this year, we’re excited to see what lies ahead for the future of the Baltic Weekender? It’s something that we feel the city has sorely needed, in previous years.

Starting The Baltic Weekender has been an amazing experience. I’ve always worked on my own when it comes to running parties and events, so to collaborate with 24 Kitchen Street was a long process, but we now know each others strengths and it comes naturally. The bookings this year have been tricky, as other larger promoters in the North West are now aware of us and are making life difficult, so I think this year’s is even better than last as we have been forced to book away from the beaten track.

Two days at the start of Summer outside in Constellations garden, it really was the highlight of 2017 for me and I am in no doubt it’ll be the same this year. Also hold tight for Phase Two announcements!

7). So far, what have been your five favourite releases this year?

I am 100% leaving things off here and will change my mind several times before this piece goes live, but going from the top played tracks in my sets and radio shows this year, here we go…

James Blake – If the car besides you moves ahead [Polydor]

Mella Dee – Donny’s Groove [Warehouse Music]

Shedbug – Journeyman [Lobster Theremin]

DJ Lycox – Sonhos & Pesadelos [Principe Discos]

Finn – Sometimes The Going Gets A Little Tough [Local Action]

Krystal Klear – Neutron’s Dance [Running Back]

DJ Koze – Seeing Aliens [Pampa Records]

Peggy Gou – Itgehane [Ninja Tune] (An obvious one, but it just is the song of the year and nothing will come close)

8). Finally, how do you see Abandon Silence’s future in and out of Liverpool?

That’s way too much of a question for now, and I don’t want to give away our plans for world domination, just yet. Will have to wait and see. Thanks for all the support 3b. AND REMEMBER TO SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL RECORD DEALER.