Creamfields Generator Unveiling

Creamfields continue to increase the pace for their 2018 edition. Their industry-leading production values are grabbing hedlines. Now, right off the back of the SILO arena announcement, the festival has unveiled this new and groundbreaking stage. Creamfields Generator is born.

The Creamfields Generator stage is another bold leap. The stage arena is described as a cavernous structure, made of scaffold and shipping containers. This gives the arena an industrial feel and it is said, that the arena will have more than a few surprises! Furthermore, the design builds on the multi-tiered concept of SILO, whereby several sections of Generator’s walls also double as viewing galleries. Similarly to SILO, it will provide a unique sound and visual experience.

Creamfields Generator Unveiled

Creamfields Generator will provide a spectacle that will include an enormous all- encompassing and multi-dimensional wall of LED screens. Also, an abundance of lasers, lights and pyro that will spread the breadth and length of the arena. Once again, the bar has been raised. Creamfield’s Generator is ahead of the curve and pushes the boundaries of what is possible.

The event returns to Daresbury for 4 days, across the August Bank Holiday weekend. The festival has over 30 stages, hosted by some of the biggest names in electronic music.

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Creamfields is one of the world’s leading dance music festivals. Established in 1998, the original dance festival set out to provide the clubbing scene with a bespoke large scale outdoor music event. Today, it has gone on to be one of the most popular and renowned open air electronic music festivals in the world.

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